The vineyards of our estate cover more than 36 hectares located in the heart of Entre-Deux-Mers, just opposite the Saint Emilion vineyard. Like the latter, our vineyard is mainly made up of limestone and clay-limestone soils which each have their own mineral (strong influence on the flavors of the wine) and mechanical (strong influence on the water management of the vine).

Thus, on our plots located on the edge of the Dordogne which separates us from the Saint Emilion vineyard, as on the other bank, the soils are heavily loaded with alluvium. On the other hand, our plots located to the south of the Estate with slight relief and an ideal orientation, benefit from optimal sunshine and easy to work soil. Finally, further north, these last plots, mostly on hillsides, of gravelly terraces, offer other qualities of vine management and other taste advantages.

Since the first generation, the Sirac family had understood that the choice of grape variety combined with that of the land was the great secret to obtain remarkable wines in a climate specific to the vineyard. Today, Matthieu Sirac is more than ever in constant search of this perfect match between soils, grape varieties and vinifications.

This diversity is expressed in our vineyard as follows:

24.5 hectares in Bordeaux Red (90% Merlot, 10% Cabernet-Sauvignon)

3 hectares in Bordeaux Supérieur (100% Merlot)

4.5 hectares of Entre-Deux-Mers Blanc (70% Sémillon, 30% Sauvignon)

1 hectare in Crémant Blanc (100% Sémillon)

1 hectare in Crémant Rosé (100% Cabernet-Sauvignon)

1 hectare in Bordeaux Rosé (100% Merlot)

1 hectare in Bordeaux Clairet (100% Merlot)